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Building Science 374 5/31/2012
Thermography applications for the analysis of building structures including: moisture, mold, insulation voids, air leakage, structural problems, insect pests, and remediation.
General Thermography 1266 5/31/2012
This message board addresses general use and application of infrared thermography. Measurement, camera, and application issues are discussed here.
Life Sciences Thermography 84 5/30/2012
Infrared thermography utilized in human medicine, veterinary medicine, and biological studies
Optical Gas Imaging and VOC emissions 55 5/21/2012
A forum for the discussion of topics relevant to locating volatile organic compound emissions using the FLIR GasFindIR camera.
Termografia General 711 5/30/2012
Este tablero de mensajes concierne todos los temas relacionados con Termografia en el idioma Espanol.
The TradIR Post 564 5/31/2012
Buy and Sell pre-owned IR equipment here

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