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Thread By Number of Replies Last Post On
Wanted - Gas FindIR HSX Camera De Faoite 0 5/21/2012
Gas FindIR Contractor Available in Europe De Faoite 1 4/26/2012
T6xx Series Basics Online Training Course Gary Orlove 0 3/27/2012
Opgal Eye C Gas Camera daz 2 3/26/2012
Has anyone been able to detect R507 daz 1 3/22/2012
Infrared Training Center (ITC) becomes Authorized Provider of IACET Continuing Education Units Gary Orlove 0 3/22/2012
Job Posting - Fugitive Emission Technician ttrefiak 0 2/2/2012
Need Gas thermographers Jfitzir 0 11/1/2011
Free Online Thermography Training Courses Gary Orlove 0 6/21/2011
Daily Instrument Check Smiley 1 5/24/2011
chapter on gas imaging in new book MVKPM 0 1/20/2011
Insight Emissions. Emission inspection and management automation Joshua Anhalt 0 12/16/2010
320 Linerider 0 12/6/2010
Is nitrogen purge gas detectable? BuggIR 3 9/30/2010
Tank monitoring Eric Dupuis 4 8/25/2010
SF6 camera Competition IRon Man 4 8/23/2010
Documenting with the GasFindIR? CorDEX Instruments 2 6/25/2010
Any job position in Alberta - Canada? Marius 1 6/24/2010
Contractor with GasFind in New England Wes Crawford 1 4/16/2010
Thermal Imaging Technician Suzanne 0 3/25/2010
Converting .asf to .wmv Colin 4 3/19/2010
Camera calibration Eric Dupuis 2 3/8/2010
Test for Raphael Gary Orlove 0 1/19/2010
This is a test Robert Hawrelak 0 12/7/2009
IR Transperent Materails QUALTECHT 1 10/9/2009
Hydrofluoric Acid Fumes daz 1 9/23/2009
Gas Finder for Hydrogen? Pete 3 7/10/2009
wavelength? johnnyU 2 7/10/2009
Gasfindir camera warranty rja 0 4/29/2009
detection of DIMETILPROPILAMINA hruiz 0 4/28/2009
Gasfindir rja 1 2/13/2009
Freon22 visible with GasfindIR Cameras Top Gun 1 9/17/2008
New ThermaCAM® GasfindIR-LW Infrared Camera Can Sense Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Gary Orlove 9 8/18/2008
Success Story using SF6 GasfindIR supIRman 7 6/24/2008
Intrinsically safe? Howie 4 6/9/2008
Welcome Gary Orlove 1 5/21/2008
Gas Find with B-2 Massachusetts Home Inspections 2 4/1/2008
Gas Find with B-2 Massachusetts Home Inspections 1 4/1/2008
ammonia TeamMike 2 3/6/2008
There are things lower $ cams can see. cannman 0 1/27/2008
This is a test Gary Orlove 5 1/12/2008
Available Filtering Capability? 1IRpro 1 12/5/2007
Can GasFindIR detect leakage of VCM? Austin Huang 3 10/31/2007
Lists of Detectable Gases Laland 11 10/31/2007
interruptor aldaco 1 6/15/2007
Borrar imagenes de cámara thermacam p65 VEYS 0 6/1/2007
Formaldehyde rotorres 1 3/15/2007
Source for camera-to-Archos recorder cable MarkB 1 3/7/2007
Steam Leaks through camera Gord 1 1/14/2007
Liquid Propane jmc6013 1 1/10/2007
FLIR Systems to HOST revolutionary greenhouse and V.O.C. Gas detection CONFERENCE JANUARY 2007 Paul 0 1/2/2007
LNG detection IR-indo 3 10/1/2006
Hydrocarbon Gases bubeshis 1 10/1/2006
Temperature Gradient natep26 0 9/12/2006
GasFindIR greenlabs 1 3/10/2006


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