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Measuring Background Temperature Victor 9/7/2002
I have recently attended one of your infrared training courses in San Francisco, and I want to make sure that I am clear on how to measure and input the background temperature into my FLIR Infrared camera before gathering any additional data so that I am as accurate as possible in the temperatures that I am recording on my areas of concern. The infrared energy being given off by the equipment behind me when I am shooting, differs greatly as I travel through my refinery using the camera.
Using the aluminum foil wrapped piece of cardboard shown to us in class, is it as simple as placing the wrapped cardboard close to the equipment I am concerned about, and seeing what the temperature is on the wrapped aluminum cardboard using an emmissivity of 1.0, and inputting that temperature into the camera when setting up to take the shot? Because the temperature of the equipment behind me, in many cases, changes drastically as I travel through the facility (therefore having an impact on the amount of radiated energy given off and reflected off the wrapped cardboard)is it necessary to repeat this procedure for each piece of equipment I gather data from to be as accurate as possible in the data that I gather?
Also, in the setup process to gather the ambient air temperature, is it as simple as using a piece of unwrapped cardboard place in close proximity to the subject equipment, and recording that temperature as well using the emissivity of 1.0 and then inputting that temperature into the ambient air temperature when setting up the camera for use. I know that changes in the the background temperature and the ambient air temperature have a definite impact on the final outcome, and I want to be as accurate as possible when gathering and disseminating data. Please repsond and Thank You!
RE:Measuring Background Temperature Gary Orlve 9/9/2002
Yes, moving from location to location having your background change will affect your temperature measurements. So, you will have to repeat the procedure each time you decide your background has changed enough to have an effect on your readings. Measuring ambient by use of the cardboard and inputing in into your camera is not a must. It has no effect on your temperature measurements.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
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