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Insurance industry requiring FLIR scanning? tbmurphy 5/27/2004
I am very interested in learning more about the possibility hooking up with the insurance industry to receive work. What can you tell me about this? Will FLIR finance the camera? Do you think this is possible in the Connecticut area? How many insurance companies require IR scans of there clients building systems? Is there another avenue that I might be missing? Thank you in advance for your help.
Re:Insurance industry requiring FLIR scanning? Carl M 5/28/2004
I may sound a bit cynical, but my experience is that the insurance company's interest in loss prevention is weak, at bet. In my area we have many farm fire losses costing big bucks, yet the insurance companies that cover them have been unreceptive to any communication in regards to infrared inspections of thier policy holder's electrical equipment. And I made some very lucritive offers as a concerned neighbor and thermographic contractor/electrical inspector, esentially to the point of free trial services.
The industries that are encouraged to have the ir inspections get by with a sub standard inspection service, just as long as the company signs off. I've followed up on some really poor inspections of these facilities. I've also contacted some comercial/industrial insurers with no interest shown. I was contracted by an insurance co. to investigate an electrical equipment loss, to try and find fault with the policy holder, equipment manufacturer, installer or power company. Even this company had no interest in preemptive loss control in this manner.

Good Luck, let us know how you make out, good or bad...

Re:Insurance industry requiring FLIR scanning? I R We Dry 7/22/2004
I am finding that insurance companies are not requiring IR scanning for anything. However, we are being feed water drying business from insurance agents and adjusters

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