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IR scan of an LTC jpnm 5/28/2004
I'm in the process of scanning substations that overheated last year. I've seen some LTC's that are 5-17 degree C different from top to bottom. From the level one course, it was mentioned that with a 5 degree difference an internal inspection should be made. What kind of things are being found from these inspections? I ask because I'm going to have a hard time getting these transformers off line since they are heavily loaded. Thanks Jeff
Re:IR scan of an LTC Thermoimagen 5/28/2004

i assume that already performed an oil analisys from transformer, where you can start to detect some degradation of components that will be mixed with oil.

Besides i assume that you are totally sure that oil is good working operation condition according the manufacturer parameters (or oil analisys consultant can tell you) and the oil level at transformer is not an issue and there are no leaks.

Aditionally when you detected the 5-15 C temperature difference at transformer the load at transformer wasn't close to 90-100% and the ambient temperature was not extreme cold or hot.

The air fans was working properly, every fan works OK and the cooling devices are circulating oil with no problem.

Maybe i forget some points, but i invite to collegues to participate.

If you look carefully at the inside, well what you have to looking for will be no decoloration of components that can indicate where heat is generated.

if have enough access try to check every bolt is firmly tigh.

hope this help

For the guys who doesn't know wich is a LCD Transformer:
Re:IR scan of an LTC jpnm 5/28/2004
Thanks for the reply. Yes, DGA samples were drawn while I was scanning, but no results yet. Also as I scan a sub, I'm running the fans, pumps, and checking those with oil filtration to verify they are working and in good operating condition. Most of the LTC's we are looking at are Westinghouse - so any info would help. Jeff

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