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Infrared to detect leaking natural gas valves Jeff H 12/6/2010
I had an inquiry about using infrared to detect leaking valves in natural gas pipelines. This is not the gas leaking out of the valve into the atmosphere but through a closed valve from one side to the other side. Does anyone have any information on this type of testing? If so are there any recommended parameters for the testing?
Re:Infrared to detect leaking natural gas valves TomC 12/6/2010
Unless the temperature of the gas is elevated or very cold it will be hard to detect a leak since the cameras only see surface temperatures. The leaking gas would have to raise or lower the temperature of the pipe and valve. You might be able to detect a small temperature change in the body of the valve but not likely. Ultrasonics is probably your best bet.
Re:Infrared to detect leaking natural gas valves manuel-thermoimagen 12/6/2010
ultrasonics or if available, pressure gage readings.

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