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Analysis needed for paranormal image caught OCPS, Inc. 12/13/2010
My name is Nolan Meadnis and I am the President of Orange County Paranormal Society, Inc. in California. We are an affiliate of the Travel Channel show "Ghost Adventures." As you may be aware, few groups like mine use thermal imagers for paranormal investigating. Over the weekend, we caught a human figure on video with our FLIR E2 in an area where no humans were at. We would like someone to analyze the footage to see if this amount of temperature detail is possible without a human being present. We spent hours trying to recreate and debunk the image but couldn't.

If you are an expert in thermal imaging, we would love to hear from you. Please respond here or email us at: This evidence has the potential to be huge and we want all avenues explored before releasing this footage to the Travel Channel or any other media considerations.

Re:Analysis needed for paranormal image caught what? 2/8/2011
Most likely a reflection of you or your crew.
Re:Analysis needed for paranormal image caught Hill Top TI 2/10/2011
If their is such a thing as paranormal activity, you would not be able to pick it up with an infrared camera. An infrared camera measures the first 1,000'ths of an inch of any surface. Thin air is not a surface.

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