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High Power Retrotec Q5E Blower Door For Sale SoCal Infrared 12/14/2010
Retrotec Q5E for sale

Retrotec High Power 2hp fan (8100 CFM) good for large residential and small commercial where the standard fan will not achieve 50 pascal.

Fan is in excellent condition as it has only been used for display and some training classes. Fan is about 2 years old but the Gauge is new as it went through gauge exchange and is fully calibrated as of June 2010.

Youc an see information about fan at

The hard panel system by far is the best and quickest set up time (3 minutes) vs the soft panel cloth door.

System retails for $6450-$6850. I am looking close to 5k for system. Make offer

FYI: as a rep for Retrotec we periodically sell our demo systems and buy new which is what we are doing here...

Get your equipment deduction in before end of year! or cell 949-842-8088. Fan is located in North San Diego, CA

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