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Hot load break elbow highgear 12/23/2010
This image shows an approximate 20 degree F rise between the B phase and A phase elbows. Would this be considered a problem. I checked the amperage at the switchgear and it is balanced. Thanks for any help. - Wade
Re:Hot load break elbow ITC - Canada 12/23/2010
This would definetly be an indication of a serious issue. The surface readings that your are measuring are perfect examples of "indirect" temperature measurements. The true temperature difference can be many times higher, say 10 - 15 times higer. This would mean that you have a 200 - 300 degree F temperature rise between the two connections.
Re:Hot load break elbow Hotspot 1/10/2011
With the load being balanced. It looks like the connector probe within the elbow is either not tightened all the way into the lug or the compression lug itself may be going bad. Hope this helps.
Re:Hot load break elbow fluke1 1/10/2011
Loose connection or lug may be correct. I would not discount the possibility of a kinked wire from installation, this would let the excessive heat that is appearent possibly cause the wire to carbonize and create a partial resistance block. The heat would be this great or even continue to gain in thermal expression. Maybe both are at play here? At any rate it is a serious situation and needs immediate attention.
Re:Hot load break elbow ggeneral 1/10/2011
1 deg C differential between phases on our high voltage (13.8 KV)equipment is grounds to shut it down immediately and repair it.

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