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Pallettes for image analysis highgear 12/27/2010
Is there a way to transfer the pallettes from Reporter 8 to QuickReport? Also, a way to transfer the same pallettes to the T400?
Re:Pallettes for image analysis manuel-thermoimagen 12/27/2010
Palettes into Quickreport.

uickreport when installed, creates a directory called C:\Program Files (x86)\FLIR Systems\FLIR QuickReport\Media\Palettes inside this directory must be placed all *.pal palettes files..

if you get *.Pal files, just copy them inside that directory and run the quickreport program, automatically will load this new ones palettes.
Re:Pallettes for image analysis highgear 12/28/2010
Thank you for your reply. Where can I obtain these pallette files? Thank you.
Re:Pallettes for image analysis KJ666 1/15/2011

I'm not sure about the T400 but I have successfully created palette files and uploaded them to a P640. I was fed up with the standard palette files and decided to write my own application to create and modify existing ones.

Just be aware that if you do decide to use the palettes mentioned in the previous post that the colours will need to be converted to YCrCb and the header formatting changed before used within the camera.


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