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Inspection Criteria Pete 1/5/2011
We may have covered this in the past, but I can't find any info on the subject. Has standardizied inspection temperature criteria ever been established and published by a creditable source? Something I can quote and reference when I put numbers in the acceptance criteria. That is to say, Delta T's or temperature rise above ambient on components.

I am revising our thermography procedure and need to update or add some inspection criteria as to what is acceptable or not. Examples would be:
1) If the Delta T. between like components is this___ perform the following.
2) Acceptable temperature rise above ambient on 500kv transformer bushing is ___.

If you are like me you have your own acceptance criteria, but the company doesn't want to hear " Well because Joe Blow said that was too hot". We have acceptance criteria spread all over the company. Substation has their acceptance criteria and I have mine.

Sometimes you will find multipule sources of information all with different numbers. Most which are unrealistic.

Re:Inspection Criteria IRJay 1/5/2011
Most start at the NETA guidance. ANSI/NETA Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications available at the site. Acceptance criteria also opens a conversation as that if the temperatures are not accurate because of the parameters of the camera how can temperature based criteria be applied? Camera knowledge with the principles of thermography with subject matter experience all factor into these considerations.
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