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Emissivity of aluminium ACSR conductor Shaibal Ghosh 1/10/2011

Can anyone with experience of transmission line thermography. Please suggest the emissivity of A.C.S.R Moose Conductor with your comments if any.

Few Infrared transmission line case studies will be of more help please send the link?

Br, Shaibal Ghosh
Re:Emissivity of aluminium ACSR conductor IRJay 1/10/2011
This has too many dependences but the critical one is age and atmosphere of installation. The best and accepted method is to test and measure a sample piece and use that determination.
Re:Emissivity of aluminium ACSR conductor Gary Orlove 1/12/2011
Emissivity increases from about 0.2 to about 0.9 with age. The exact rate of increase depends on the level of atmospheric pollution and the line’s operating voltage. Solar absorptivity is generally higher than emissivity over the life of the conductor. Both values increase with age and atmospheric pollution. Values of 0.5 for both absorptivity and emissivity, or 0.7 for absorptivity and 0.5 for emissivity, have been used when the actual conductor surface condition is unknown.

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