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chapter on gas imaging in new book MVKPM 1/20/2011
There is an extensive chapter on gas imaging with thermography in the new up to date textbook “Infrared thermal imaging – fundamentals, research and applications” by Michael Vollmer and Klaus-Peter Möllmann from Brandenburg University / Germany.
The hard cover book is in full color with about 600 pages and more than 600 images. It may either serve as textbook for beginners or as handbook for expert practitioners.
Due to the modular structure, readers can start studying whatever they like, be it the theoretical background of cameras, detectors, thermal radiation and heat transfer or be it for example, detection of gases. A multitude of other applications is also included such as electrical and miscellaneous industrial applications (metal, car, aircraft), buildings, microsystems, medical and veterinary studies, the use in sports and arts as well as surveillance and fascinating investigations in nature.
published in the US : October 2010, available from Wiley for 170.- US $ (or 204.- CD $)
or to be ordered from any bookstore like Amazon etc.

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