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ambient temperature in vertical furnace Luis de Neuquen 1/21/2011
Hello, here I leave some pictures to see how the temperature affects the calculation of the skin temperature of tubes. As shown in the images by changing the ambient temperature changes in skin temperature of tubes. How I can know the temperature in a vertical furnace if no facilities which I recorded instruments that temperature?
Re:ambient temperature in vertical furnace Luis de Neuquen 1/21/2011
Another image
Re:ambient temperature in vertical furnace Gary Orlove 1/24/2011
To do accurate measurements inside a furnace atmosphere, your 550 should be equipped with the 3.9┬Ám Flame Suppression filter. Without that, I wouldn't even attempt a measurement.

The filter greatly reduces the effect of intervening gases so they can essentially be eliminated from temperature calculations. Therefore the atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, and distance parameters can be essentially ignored.
Re:ambient temperature in vertical furnace TDLIR 1/24/2011
For the highest temp accuacy, you must gather all relevant data in the field during your survey. You cannot guess or estimate what you feel the values should be. It just does not work. So if you want to input a value either on the camera or software, you must measure it properly, otherwise if you guess, then your accuracy is based on a guess.

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