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FSI Tracer™ Thermal Imaging System info? Doug in Ottawa 1/26/2011
Does anyone have, or perhaps know of someone who has, any information on "The Tracer™ Thermal Imaging System" which was also known as
"The Tracer™ plus"?

I'd be extremely grateful for a copy of the user-manual or a lead to someone who might have a surplus system for sale.

It was described as providing: "Real-Time Imaging on PC" for the Prism-DS. Unfortunately FLIR stopped supporting it 7-yrs ago & claims not to have any information on it in their archives...

I'm hoping the documentation will provide the pin-out for the 44-pin D-connector on the Prims-DS and enough clues to allow me to create a camera configuration file for use with a Gig-E converter or PCI PC-host interface with Windows-7 drivers.

Any leads or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! *Someone* must have this information...

Doug in Ottawa, diverdoug gee-mail dot com.

The Tracer™ Thermal Imaging System records and analyzes thermal-event sequences at real-time frame rates up to 60 Hz on a Windows-based PC.

The system includes the company’s Prism DS infrared camera, a Pentium®-based PC, a digital recording system, and software. It records 5+ min at a 60-Hz frame rate with 12-bit pixels, capturing 9.3 MB of data/s.

The Tracer senses temperature differences of <0.1°C @ 30°C and measures temperatures from -10°C to +2,000°C with an accuracy of ±2%."

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