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Leak in flat roof with pavers ati 2/11/2011
Could someone please advise on the following.
I have been requested to perform IR on a condominium building with a terrace structure built into a hill. There are 5 flat roofs to be surveyed (one below the other). There is evidence of water infiltration into the structure when it rains. This is an older structure. The good thing is I can get an overheat view of each roof. The roofs are concrete base with EPDM and pavers on top (each roof acks as a deck for the condo's above). I know I can perfrom IR if top is aggregate but can it be performed with pavers? IF so, what would trhe proper procedure for this type of roof?


Re:Leak in flat roof with pavers mkw 2/11/2011

I recently performed a scan on a large commercial roof. On one part of the roof had a deck with pavers, which was not part of my scan. I wanted to see what would happen if I scanned the deck. I was able to look down on the deck from about 25' above. Long story short, it won't work. You need to remove the pavers and let the waterproofing surface dry out. The pavers hold to much water plus trap water on the waterproofing surface.

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