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Service Contracts for Thermal Inspections Mobius01 2/23/2011

Does anyone know if standard service contracts (that our customers will have to sign) or any general contract templates for thermal inspections are discussed in the level 1 training?

Is there a real need for one? If yes, how to draw up a contract?

Re: Service Contracts for Thermal Inspections James Seffrin 3/3/2011
Dear Mobius:

If you are a professional thermographer, you should insist upon a written contract for each of your projects.

Infraspection Institute offers proposal templates for a several different IR applications. Templates are available individually or as a complete set. Each template provides suggested wording and format for preparing a comprehensive and professional quotation.

All templates are provided in a Microsoft Word file and can be modified to suit the user's particular needs. Templates may be used as the core language for contract documents.

For more information, please visit:


Hope this helps.

Jim Seffrin

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