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Equine Thermal Imaging Webinar March 24th "FREE" SoCal Infrared 3/22/2011
Interested in EquineIR™?

Registration Web Link:

A couple things to look at before which will help you: also check out our training calendar at

Are you interested in EquineIR™, but you still have questions? Following the webinar listed above, at 9:30 Pacific time, 12:30 Eastern time, Peter Hopkins, creator of EquineIR™, will be conducting a webinar to answer all your questions.

Some questions to be discussed:
1. Is there a money making opportunity with Equine Imaging
2. I understand I get a territory, how does this work
3. How do I know if my territory has other members?
4. What are the costs of the class?
5. When is the next class and where do we find out the next ones?
6. How much does the interpretation services cost and how long do they take?
7. What is the demand for this service right now?
8. I am a building inspector and don’t know anything about horses, is this still a posibility for me?

If you are interested in a webinar on the business opportunity:
Re:Equine Thermal Imaging Webinar March 24th "FREE" RonColling 6/1/2011
Will this be offered again anytime soon?
Re:Equine Thermal Imaging Webinar March 24th "FREE" SoCal Infrared 6/1/2011
It was recorded, you can goto and click on the webinar tab...

all the best and don't hesitate to email or call with any questions.
Direct: 760-593-2339.

Next class will be in Vegas Sept 27-29th:

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