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Billing and Rates ryan 3/23/2011
How do you bill? Is it hourly or by house or job?
What rate is acceptable or what rate can you charge compared to other proffesions.
Re:Billing and Rates ldapkus 3/24/2011
Some jobs are a 4 hr. minimum
$150/hr base rate
Re:Billing and Rates Jesse T. Prud'Homme 4/6/2011
Depends on the type of service the client is booking:

Infrared Inspection (includes air leakage, insulation performance) starts at $322 + HST

Moisture related issues are by the hour, $277 + HST for the first hour and $177 + HST for each additional hour.

Electrical Surveys are a flat rate of $695 + HST for up to 4 hours of work, including a detailed report. This price point will be changing soon to be more flexible.

Flat/Low-Sloped Roof Surveys are as follows (this is not published - clients call in for quote):
Under 20,000 sq. ft.: 5cents/sq.ft. or $750 min.
20,000 - 49,999 sq. ft.: 4cents/sq.ft. or $1500 min.
50,000 - 200,000 sq. ft.: 3cents/sq.ft. or $2000 min.

HST is added afterward to all prices.
FYI: HST is our tax in Canada for those of your who don't know.
Re:Billing and Rates James Seffrin 4/6/2011
Dear Ryan:

The topic of Pricing Infrared Inspection Services has been previously covered in a Tip of the Week at our content-based website, IRINFO.ORG.

This Tip, and others like it, may be accessed for FREE at the following URL:

Hope this helps.

Jim Seffrin

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