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How to view .rep files Jimmy 4/1/2011

I am working on the scientific assignment, and I received a old data from the thermo camera measurements. These thermo files would help me, but I can not view it. Is there any software which would open .rep files? Measurements were made in 2002.

I have read article in which was Thermacam Report Viewer recommended (or Agema Report 5.4), but I can not find any free download link for it . Or can you recommend any other sw. to process the .rep files?

my email:

Thanks for your time and help.

Re:How to view .rep files Christiane 4/1/2011
Hi Jimmy,

go to, login (or register first and then login), select "downloads", then "software". Product - PC software, Reporter and Reporter 2000. The lower link is the download link for the Reporter viewer.

Best regards
Re:How to view .rep files Jimmy 4/1/2011
It works great. Thanks Christiane.

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