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P65 Lens Protectors Edd Hindmarsh 4/6/2011
After having 2 expensive lens protectors returned to the office broken, I bought two of the cheaper ones from FLIR which use a plastic film to protect the lens. I need to change the film on them but have a problem removing the plastic ring holding it in place. It is either very tight or is threaded, so I do not want to use too much pressure. How do I remove the ring.
Many thanks in advance.
Re:P65 Lens Protectors jvoitl 4/8/2011
Go to and ask the folks who sold them to you.
Re:P65 Lens Protectors Edd Hindmarsh 4/11/2011
I have contacted FLIR UK, FLIR Sweden, ITC Notice Board and FLIR Customer Help. Yours was the only response from anywhere, surely I cannot be the only person to have bought these, and I bought them from FLIR

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