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How to deal with the reply "We have our own camera" jlowell 4/7/2011
This is a reply I am often faced with when dealing with potential customers. I am then faced with the task of trying to find out if they actually know what they are doing or they're just going through the motions. I would like some insight and feedback from others who have dealt with this. Thanks
Re:How to deal with the reply "We have our own camera" IRJay 4/7/2011
The answer you give them would have some background as to your expereince level and what you are offering. Some of my biggest customers had cameras but I could demostrate that using our group would expand their ROI 10 fold by utilizing the technology beyond the capacity they may be at. An outside provider can focus on the task at hand versus being burdened with 10 other tasks which is typical of inhouse staff.
So if your experience is narrow to just one craft then that is your angle but if you have experience in all aspects of applications then the opportunity is huge.
Many methods to get past that but not in a forum reponse. Mostly just see this as an opportunity to educate the client and win their trust.
Re:How to deal with the reply "We have our own camera" Edd Hindmarsh 8/21/2011
I often get this response, we do not need your services because we have bought a camera. Often the camera is given to someone with a manual, no training, no software and told to detect and Report on hotspots. I see people checking overhead lines with a came which cost half the price of our infrared telephoto lens. One of the problems is that they see us come on site, take images and then produce a wonderful Report not realising ow much work and training has gone into it. I usually tell them this, plus also they give he camera to someone who already thinks that he or she is overworkd, underpaid, and responsible for the Plant under inspection, so therefore do not give an unbiased view of their findings. On a recent job of this nature the could not see the hotspot even aftr we had pointed it out to them. All of our cameras are FLIR P Series.
Re:How to deal with the reply "We have our own camera" MalDownUnder 11/9/2011
Jay & Edd are on the money, most companies who get their own IR Cameras usually think that it easy and it's just like taking a video. They get excited and after a while the excitement fades as their workers get side tracked with other duties and the frequency and quality of the scanning drops. So keep them on file because you know they use IR and keep in touch because things change and people change and they just might need a hand. Also I've had clients use our services for years then decide to buy a camera, if this happens always remain positive and friendly because a high percentage of clients will need your services again, so don't burn bridges. I had a client last month who we scanned twice a year suddenly buy a camera and say they don't need me anymore. Knowing I'd lost their business I suggested I go around with their worker and help if I could (one last pay cheque) They accepted the offer and the end result was that because I was very helpful and assisted their worker, They decided to keep me on.....once a year with them doing the 2nd scan, so we are alternating.....not the best outcome but I still have them as a client and I'm confident that it will get to hard for them for all the reasons Jay & Edd have stated and I'll get the full job back.....but once a year is better than none. Be prepared and confident in your product....Good Luck!

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