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Imager repair for local high school Pete 4/11/2011
Anybody out there that might be able to help out a local high school with some camera problems? I was contacted by one of our local high schools, seems they actually have a couple of Thermal Imagers for their engineering program. Problem is that neither one of them work. This is what they have and the issues with them:

1) Raytheon Palm IR Pro camera (ser # PRO-005165)
The screen just shows raster lines and although I can change the rate and color of the raster lines by playing with the adjustments I cannot get an image on the screen.

2) AGEMA Thermovision 450 camera
A power supply was connected with reversed polarity, which is supposed to blow an internal safety fuse. I opened up the camera and didn't see any obvious sign of damage or of a fuse.

If you have any ideas or contacts please shoot me an e-mail:



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