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Level 1 Field Assignment question Shandley 5/9/2011
Greetings to all,

I am finishing up my report for the Level 1 Field Assignment. I am going through the checklist provided on page 2-8 in the Level 1 Course Manual.

It mentions only the first page with an IR photo is reviewed; however, there is a lot more information irrelevant to the report asked for such as Course Location, Course Date. Can I put this in a Word document and send it with my PDF report page?

Also, the checklist asks for the original thermal image to be sent. Do I have to send in the digital picture that was taken with it?
Re:Level 1 Field Assignment question Gary Orlove 6/3/2011
Send the images as attachments to your email, send the report pdf as an attachment, and put the other information asked for in the body of your email.

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