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IR Window Transmission Testing ati 5/12/2011
I presently perform IR on structural and electrical. IR Windows are starting to make enroads into my region. I would like some informed information on IR window transmissity testing.

1. what is the best methods for checking transission value of window with no load and under full load (energized)?
2. should t-testing be only performed during downtime (non-energized)?
3. How often should t-testing be performed for a client?
4. Any other information deemed relevant to this inquiry.

Any and all constructive information and a advice will be greatly appreciated.


Re:IR Window Transmission Testing dandersen 5/12/2011
Tony, What training have you completed so I know how deep I need to go with this?

Good questions.
The answers need to be known to continue.

What camera are you using.
Some have corection, some do not.
What FOV lens are you using?
What equipment are you scanning?

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