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How do I get an unlabeled jpeg? JLe 6/4/2011
I'm trying to get an unlabeled full resolution jpeg from my E60. I've tried the iPad app, Quick reports and FLIR Tools but they all put the temperature scale on top of the image. The best I've been able to do is create a pdf report in FLIR Tools and open it in Photoshop but that is a bit convoluted. It seems like there should be an option someplace but I can't find it.

Any suggestions?
Re:How do I get an unlabeled jpeg? dandersen 6/4/2011
The older version of Quick Report would remove everything if you saved it as a bitmap file.

The newer version dosen't do it anymore...
Re:How do I get an unlabeled jpeg? dandersen 6/5/2011
You can also "print thumbnails" in QuickReport as a PDF and the scale will be moved outside of the scan.
Re:How do I get an unlabeled jpeg? Wieslaw 6/5/2011
I used to do job with freeware Irfanview ( : just mark rectangle of selection - dragging mouse (and/or dragging edge of marked area if correction needed) , then menu edit "cut area outside of selection', then menu edit "Auto crop borders", and finaly menu File "Save as..." . There are on F12 key some "Paint tools" allowing add arrows, texts etc.. Great, and good enough, as for me !
Re:How do I get an unlabeled jpeg? Gary Orlove 6/6/2011
The FLIR BuildIR software also allows you to save without the temperature span information.
Re:How do I get an unlabeled jpeg? JLe 6/6/2011
Wow, this all seems like a lot of trouble. All I want is a jpeg straight out of the camera (or perhaps straight out of a piece of software). The print thumbnails is a nice suggestion -- the best so far -- but I'd rather avoid the intermediate steps and image degradation.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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