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Independant contractor insurance thermographer 7/12/2011
I am considering starting up a IR inspection business and wonder where one might get insurance. Do contractors carry both general liability AND professional.
Re:Independant contractor insurance Gary Orlove 7/13/2011
Please use this link to search for threads and replys covering this topic.
Re:Independant contractor insurance glassman 8/13/2011
You need two types of insurance as a minimum.
The first and most important is PI (Professional Indemnity)between half and a mil is good dependent on the work you are aiming at. Petro chemical needs to be considerably higher. The second is PL (Public Liability)all people should have this just in case you knock over the cherished ming vase in a house or kill the CEO's pet fish by accident. Oh and don't forget to insure your camera. All this does not come cheap but given the appetite for litigation in business it pays. Legal costs should be included. I all policies as a matter of course. Hope this helps. teh Verifier
Re:Independant contractor insurance thermographer 8/15/2011
Thanks Verifer

Any recommendations for insurance brokers or underwriters - particularly in texas?

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