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Imaging rebar in concrete ati 7/13/2011
I will be visiting a new work site tomorrow. They need to test the concrete (boring samples) but hits rebar with every hole. This building is a commercial structure. I am told it is a top slab that is open all around to the air. I will perform a test tomorrow. What is the best way and under what conditions would be best to perform imaging and locate the rebar in the concrete. Will solar loading work or will heating from underneath work?

This is all the info on the structure I have so far until site visit.
Re:Imaging rebar in concrete Gary Orlove 7/14/2011
Use this search link to locate past threads on this subject.
Re:Imaging rebar in concrete don johnson 8/12/2011
With 6" to 8" slabs Zircon MT6 is quite effective at locating bar and projecting depth from surface.

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