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Slit Response Function ? CC 7/26/2011
Hello All,

I am trying to overcome the distance effect of temperature measurement. Because of the slit response function, the object's temperature drops as the distance from the camera increases. The focus is not an issue here because it is refocus for each distance. So I guess is due to the Slit response function. Any recommendation that I could perhaps try to compensate for this effect

Many Thanks
Re:Slit Response Function ? Gary Orlove 7/26/2011
The two standard solutions are:
1. Use a telephoto optics
2. Get as close to our target as possible

If this is not possible, there may be other solutions, however they are not necessarily easy to implement. They depend on the apparent radiation surrounding your target, the shape of your target, and the specific characteristics of your optics and imager.

Call me to discuss if you desire: 978-901-8245

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