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Question about Image Formats (FLIR). R.Corkum 8/2/2011
Hello. I'm looking for some information / tools / general knowledge on the format of some data I have received.

Essentially, I have an ordinary ".bin" files that contain a sequence of "images". I believe the data was obtained with an earlier SC model camera, because the value for camera type is '0' according to the SDK Documentation I peeked at.

However like the .seq files, I'm also looking for some associated metadata. Not really emissivity or temperature based, but like the SEQ files, the camera also outputs a particular time stamp. I've used Thermacam Researcher Pro (trial) and renamed my .bin files to popular formats (.img, .seq, etc) and I've never been able to uncover the correct information.

Any Help? The most optimal solution would be a program that would extract all (Or some, with me doing post processing) of this for me.

Merci Beaucoup.

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