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Wood Floor limo2088 6/8/2004
I was recently asked to do a thrmal scan of a house which had a brand new wood floor laid. Unfortunately the floor was laid over a register. Is there an easy way for me to find this register using my thermal camera. As of right now i cannot see anything on the floor. I tried turing the air on in the house to a lower temperature but still I think the floor is too thick to see any temp difference. Any advice would be appreciated
Re:Wood Floor Thermoimagen 6/8/2004
hi ..

may i ask some question?,
a:the register is electrical or waters?
b:how thick is the wood floor?..if floor is to thick will need lot of thermal diferential.
c:the primary floor is concrete? if so, is there some access from below where you can heat/cold up?

well, if the register is electrical, maybe with some devices like wirefinder's will be easiest.

the wood is very good insulator (does not transport energy efficently) so, any way to try to find hot or cold from the other side will be difficult if the wood is too thick.

please let me know the final of history.

Re:Wood Floor DC 6/9/2004
I'm not very experianced with my camera yet but I remember from level one class something about a greater than 10 degree differance before you get a good image. Is this a case where you need to let the house cool down allot before turning on the heat again to scan? DC

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