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EM field and thermovision camera bszymanik 8/19/2011
I'm the user of A325 infrared camera. I would like to try to use it in close proximity of high power EM field generator (1kW of power and 2.45 GHz frequency). Due to the damage possibility, I would like to ask you whether you have any experience in similiar issues? Especially did you use your camera in sorrounding of high power, high frequency RF or microwave generator?

We do have the special protective housing for our camera (it's aluminium camera housing with special metalic mesh and gaskets), but since the power density inside it is over 10 mW/cm2, I'm not sure wheather it could protect the camera properly.

I would be very garteful for any help.

Barbara Szymanik
Re:EM field and thermovision camera Gary Orlove 8/22/2011
Please see the following links for information on this topic.

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