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Bolt/nut on motor housing SATX 8/29/2011
Came across a motor with hot bolt/nuts on the motor housing. This was not a trend with other motor in the same room. Any thoughts?
Theses bolts run the entire length of the motor. I know this to be a heat transfer from internal, but not familiar with coming across this scenario. Bolts on shaft side were much warmer.
Re:Bolt/nut on motor housing Laland 10/6/2011
can you post a photo on this and kindly specify temperature of particular portion
Re:Bolt/nut on motor housing ayi308581287 11/1/2011
It should be pointed out that special part clear temperature.
Re:Bolt/nut on motor housing Marksl 5/27/2012
Did you ever find an explaination?

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