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Strained strain relief? jlowell 9/1/2011
During a recent survey I was looking at some overhead feeders going into a building. I noticed a "hot spot" on one of the four strain relief cables supporting the feeders. The one on the left which is in full sun is showing a lower temperature than the far right one, which is in partial shade. The grounding jumper going between the cables is not showing any of this temperature rise so I ruled it out. So my question is, could the strain on the cable be causing it to show the higher temperature?
Re:Strained strain relief? TOEKNEE 9/23/2011
did you take the picture @ 1:30 pm? and there was a solar heating on the wire from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm?
Re:Strained strain relief? jlowell 9/26/2011
The image was taken around 10:00 am. Before any solar loading could have occured due to it still being in the shade.
Re:Strained strain relief? Andry 10/4/2011
In my humble opinion, I don't think the strain on the cable causing it to show higher temperature.

Have you ever physically check the cable itself? (if it's possible, since I don't know how high the cable above the ground)
Re:Strained strain relief? jvoitl 10/4/2011
Possibly a case of induction causing an electrical current in the cable. Have an electrician check it out.

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