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Flir b40 for sale HESinPA 9/13/2011
We have a 2008 Flir b40 for sale that is basically a new camera. We bought it in late 2008 and the new auditor we had hired resigned soon after the camera showed up. We have a nice Thermacam that we use for commercial surveys so the b40 has just been resting in its case in our safe since we received it from Brett at Monroe Infrared. (With the loss of our new auditor we ultimately decided to cease residential services and focus strictly on commercial.) It has NOT BEEN USED, it is in perfect condition. We know we will not get anywhere near what we paid so we will consider all reaonable offers to unload this asset. Flir has offered to verify the serial number if you inquire. Please call Laurie at Zerodraft in Pennsylvania at (717) 241-4201.

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