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ThermaCAM PM675 through Glass problem ? Rabih 6/8/2004
im using an ThermaCAM PM675 for a Thermal Collector testing ,but the problem is that i have to measure the heat of the pipes inside the collector which are covered by GLASS so it disturb my measurments .So can you please tell me which materials i can use instead of GLASS which are Anti-reflection and which materials are good for using with my Camera for the Collector instead of GLASS ??
Re:ThermaCAM PM675 through Glass problem ? Gary Orlove 6/15/2004
Here is an article on IR Windows for your general information,

I would take a look at ZnSe Zinc Selenide as a possibility. Here is a web site to check for optical materials suitable for your application,

This company supplies complete window assemblies, check with them for suitability for your application,

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

Re:ThermaCAM PM675 through Glass problem ? Thermasearch 6/16/2004
The 675 is a long wave FPA imager, operating through 7.5 to 13 microns. Glass is transparent from about .4 to 1.4 microns, effectively opaque to your imager. To add to gary's answer you might consider zinc selenide (ZnSe) ir transparent at .58 to 19 microns, germanium (Ge) at 2 to 14 microns, calcium fluoride is transparent between 1.1 to 8.5 microns and less transparent (slightly attenuating)to 14 microns.

Good luck

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