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Trending powerman 6/14/2004
What would be the best way to go about trending using images. If I wanted to scan an entire plant, 500-800 images every quarter but I wanted to develop some sort of trending of each item scanned. What is the best way to do this and keep track of the images. Should I save images from every item scanned of just the items with anomalies?

Is there software available to make this task easier? What parts would be trended, specific spots which were specified?

Re:Trending Jim Haney 6/15/2004
If you want to do trending for that many images you will first need the ThermaCAM Reporter software. The software alone can do trending. However, using Reporter alone and trying to keep track of all the images will be very difficult. Fro example if you have to find all the images that show a spot temperature of 50º and above, you will have to go through them one at a time and write down the file names.

There is software we provide as a solution to this called ThermaCAM Database. You create your reports as normal, and then export them to the Database software. The Database keeps track of all the properties of the Report and IR images. When you want to find out how Switch 1 in Room 5 building 8 is behaving over the course of several months, you simply create a query with those parameters. Once you have created a query you can run it inside the Database software and it will display a list of all the IR images and Reports that meet the criteria. You then save the query. Open the Reporter 2000 software and run the wizard. When it gets to the section that prompts for IR images check the ‘From Database’ option. It will bring up a list of any saved queries. Choose the query that you saved according to the information you want. The images from that query will automatically be brought into the Reporter software. You can then generate a trending report based on those images.

There is a new version of Thermacam Report available; Reporter 7.0. However, this version does not support trending at this time. If you also need a version of the Reporter software then Reporter 2000 is recommended. Please contact you local sales representative to specify the need for the Reporter 2000 version.


Jim Haney
Technical Support
FLIR Systems - Boston
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FLIR Corporate: 978-901-8000
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Re:Trending Thermasearch 6/16/2004
Give me a call and I will give you some insight on your request. I am presently acting as a consultant to a company with more than 4400 plant sites worldwide that intend on integrating ir into their pm program. We are currently baselining all active systems/circuits and writing procedures implementing possible fault correction into existing plant maintenance scheduling. With previous experience in QC/QA, no proactive program would be effective without trend and root cause analysis. It is our intent that these tools will be in this new program.

Good luck and best regards to you and the far thinkers supporting your efforts.

Mike Sharlon
Thermasearch, ACS Calibrations


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