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looking for some help and guidance daryl9158 12/31/2011
i am hoping to see if anyone had any advice for me. im currently looking into completing my level one thermographing.ive been investing my own money into the training and currently i am not working in the feild. does anyone where a good step or direction i should take in order to get employeed by a company that is looking for a level one thermographer. i am very eager and my employers have always known me to be a hard worker. so i am very willing to do what it takes to find employement in the thermographing feild. thank you for any advice.
Re:looking for some help and guidance Gary Orlove 1/3/2012
You can find listings for thermographers on
Re:looking for some help and guidance IRsloopyeah 1/4/2012
I found it alot easier with the type of back ground that i have in doing the IR! It depends on what kind of background experiance you have? I have been a Journeyman Electrician for 14 yrs. and that is what i use the IR for is in the electrical field! good luck!!!
Re:looking for some help and guidance Affinity Thermal Diagnostics 1/26/2012
Hello I met a guy that runs a thermography division for Abbot Pharmaceuticals and they have thermographers that work all over the world. Check them out online and they may have some openings near you.
Re:looking for some help and guidance daryl9158 1/28/2012
thank you i will check it out right away
Re:looking for some help and guidance daryl9158 1/28/2012
thank you all for the help. ive been a little lost since a friend of mine who has been in the feild for over 10 years now was gonna help direct me and maybe open a door for me, but he had to move away and wasnt able to help me out anymore. im willing to put in time and work to make a career out of this. my concern was that i would hear that i wasnt going to have enough qualifications or enough background in a supporting feild. i pretty much only have work experience with supporting direct care for individuals with mental disabilities. the only thing that will be holding me back it the fact that i will not be able to afford anymore trainings to help me get into the feild. thank you all for your time and advice

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