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Home Show Affinity Thermal Diagnostics 1/24/2012
Hello, I am a fairly new business and am level one certified. I am going into my first home show and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for display ideas that have been successful.

Thanks Jim Snider
Re:Home Show StecGuy 1/25/2012
Pictures. Pictures are going to grab attention and draw people. Once in your area, they are going to want to know and see the benefits of your service.

1. Have your camera operating so you can demonstrate the technology, and how you arrived at some of the pictures you are displaying.

2. Might even have an example of how it works. Example: Have a small section of carpet you have splashed a few water drops on to show the evaporative effect and how your camera can identify it.

3. Display finished products such as reports to demonstrate the end product and its effectiveness. How is your service saving them money in the long run?

I know thats not much, hopefully others can chime in on this one.
Re:Home Show Affinity Thermal Diagnostics 1/25/2012
Thank you for replying to my post and the water on the carpet is a great idea. I will use it. I appreciate the help and if you think of anything else please let me know.

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