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Thermal Imaging INSIDE a Q-BOP Furnace???? MustangGod 1/27/2012
I am about to be instructed to shoot the inside of a Molten Steel producing Quick Basic Oxygen Processing Furnace (Q-BOP). My Question is has anyone else ever done this? If so, what were the benefits? I personally do not understand what my manager thinks I will see. Everything on the inside of the furnace will be coated with Molten Steel? Any one have any ideas? Or maybe another argument that I can take to my manager?

Re:Thermal Imaging INSIDE a Q-BOP Furnace???? IRsloopyeah 1/27/2012
Maybe you would be able to see the cracks of the haul on the inside also you might find cracks on the outside of the haul. Emisivity may be greater on the inside. Im just thinking? I dont know what is a Q-BOP furnace is but furnace i do understand? just a thought and curious?

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