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IR Pictures Through Steel Grating rieger 2/15/2012
I am the thermographer in the weld department of an automotive manufacturing company. Our automated robot lines are enclosed in plexiglass. We scan the robot standing on a ladder with our camera over top of the plexiglass encloser. We also have windows cut out in the plexiglass at eye height. The windows have a plexiglass door in which we open and then we are protected with a steel grating. My question is when I scan an area over the top of the plexiglass I get a different temperature than I get when I scan through the open window. Scanning through the steel grating I read a temperature 5 to 15 degress celsius lower than scanning over the top. I know it is to do with the steel grating but I was wondering why. I am enclosing a picture. Thank-you Herb.
Re:IR Pictures Through Steel Grating Gary Orlove 2/15/2012
Please see my reply and explanation at
Re:IR Pictures Through Steel Grating rieger 2/17/2012
Thanks Gary. That helps out alot. Herb

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