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Misguided Repair VisionIR 2/17/2012
A fellow thermographer sent me this image after reading the Visual Inspection article in Uptime Magazine. After the shock wore off..who we kidding still in shock.

Thanks for sending the image!
My Best...Jeff
Re:Misguided Repair Hill Top TI 2/23/2012
Wow! thanks for sharing, love to see the IR photo to see if it really helped or if the C clamp became a heatsink
Re:Misguided Repair IRsloopyeah 3/21/2012
WOW!!! Im Impressed? where's the reliability in that? Thank the person who invented the "C" clamp?
Re:Misguided Repair manuel-thermoimagen 3/26/2012
Like facebook... I LIKE IT...

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