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Energy Inspections and Photos Ea1Services 3/7/2012
I have been providing energy efficiency inspections using IR, blower door and smoke pencils to locate areas of concern. One problem I seem to have difficulty with is the smoke showing in the visual image. I've tried to reduce exposures, flash or change angles but still the smoke sometimes is difficult to see in the photo. Have others run into this and found any solutions?
Re:Energy Inspections and Photos Gary Orlove 3/7/2012
From our Optical Gas Imaging experience, we have found it difficult to properly portray a moving gas in a still image. Video is the preferred medium here as the motion of the smoke will be readily apparent.
Re:Energy Inspections and Photos Ea1Services 3/7/2012
I agree video is much better medium. My thought here is that I want to be able to show the smoke in the stills that I provide in the written documents. I may take a play from IR and place some dark tape on the subject as a contrast back ground.
Re:Energy Inspections and Photos Bernie Lyon 3/7/2012
If the purpose of the still image is to present it to a customer you could always take a video, as suggested, and convert the video to a GIF animation. These images, unlike videos, do not require codecs or links and they can be displayed by most browsers and image viewing applications. They can also run in PowerPoint. Free software is avaiable to extract individual frames from videos here:(http//player.gomlab/eng/download). There are numerous programs available to create GIF animations.
Re:Energy Inspections and Photos Ea1Services 3/7/2012
Bernie great to hear from you (you were my Level 1 instructor) I'll take your suggestion and try to incorporate it into a PDF doc to go out to clients. Have you tried that?
Re:Energy Inspections and Photos IRJay 3/8/2012
why not just take the infrared image to suffice instead of the smoke. or if the surface isn't sufficent for showing the heat transfer then use a piece of light paper to let the air flow appear in the infrared on it.
sounds like a lot of work for video conversion for imaging the air flow

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