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Measurement accuracy ubrinkm 3/12/2012
The accuracy of a measurement with a IR camera is often specified as +-2°C or +-2%.
Which effects and to what amount contribute to this uncertainty?
I am not interested in absolut values, but in the differences of temperature before heating and after heating an object by dissipating some electrical power.
What will be the accuracy of the difference temperature, when the difference is at least 20°C (starting at room temperature)?
I cannot make a series measurement to increase accuracy. I can only add additionally equipment the the single shot.
Re:Measurement accuracy Gary Orlove 3/12/2012
For temperature difference measurements where you are viewing two objects at different temperatures in the same image, the accuracy primarily depends on the error with which the emissivity is known.

See more about this at:
Re:Measurement accuracy ubrinkm 3/13/2012
Hello Gary,
sorry I expressed myself misleading.
It' a time series measurement on the same object.
At the start of the measurement the object is at room temperature. I will take an average over at least 3X3 Pixels of the area of interest. Then the device will be powered on for roughly 5s. Then the temperature will rise about 20°C above room temperature. Again i will average over the 3X3 Pixels and then take the difference.

What is the accuracy of this difference measurement?

Re:Measurement accuracy Gary Orlove 3/22/2012
Accuracy should be within the stated accuracy of the camera at +-2°C or +-2% (whichever is greater).

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