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Double glazing before and after happydays 3/19/2012
Hi Folks, wondered if anyone had experience of this. I have been asked by a double glazing company to provide before and after images of installations, mainly for the customers benefit, to prove the benefits of having it fitted.
I am not sure how to tackle this as images of window temp are difficult. Any suggestions?
Re:Double glazing before and after IRsloopyeah 3/21/2012
What type of installations are you talking about? and what is being fitted? sounds like you want to trend but unsure of what you are talking about?
Re:Double glazing before and after happydays 3/21/2012
Sorry, should have been more specific. The installations would be new double glazed windows and doors in residential properties.
Re:Double glazing before and after Gary Orlove 3/22/2012
The easiest way would be to make a direct comparison of a set of windows before and after retrofit, preferably on the same side of the house with images taken within minutes of each other.

I would take images from the inside of the house, and from the exterior of the house on a cloudy day with at least a 20 C temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the building.

Make sure the windows are on the same level of the house so the reflected temperatures are near equal.

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