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Opgal Eye C Gas Camera daz 3/22/2012
Hi Guys,
Looking at purchasing an OGI system to back up the HSx that I already have.
I see that Opgal now have an OGI system in the marketplace, has any of you experienced OGI operators had a chance to trial one of these cameras and if you did, how did it compare to the HSX or the GF320?
Re:Opgal Eye C Gas Camera rja 3/25/2012
Are you having troubles with your HSX?
Re:Opgal Eye C Gas Camera daz 3/26/2012
rja wrote:
having troubles with your HSX?
No I am not having trouble with my HSX, I am looking to purchase a second camera and have heard about the Opgal EyeCGas and I was wondering if anyone out there had any experience with The Opgal units, obviously with cameras being so expensive I would be a fool not to check out all the options which are available, and if anyone has any experience good or bad, I would be glad to hear from them.

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