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The Veterinary Thermal Imaging Society offers a CE event in Veterinary Thermography Gary Orlove 3/23/2012
May 10th to 13th , 2012
San Luis Obispo, California. 26 C.E. Credits

Musculoskeletal injuries are a leading cause of diminished performance in all athletic animal species, and a leading cause of expense to their owners. In addition, if not detected early some of these injuries may become catastrophic. Owners, competitors and the public have recently brought pressure on the veterinary profession to prevent, or diagnose earlier, injuries before they become life-threatening. The ability to detect injuries early makes thermography an excellent tool. Thermal imaging systems have the capability to detect changes in temperature related to local inflammation and/or blood flow to the tissue. These changes have been shown to occur 2-6 weeks prior to the onset of clinical signs of lameness. Through the use of thermal imaging, the possibility exists that abnormalities can be identified when the tissues are in a state of stress, rather than anatomical disruption. Intervention at this early point provides less costly and more time efficient options with which to manage the injury to a successful outcome. Assessments of the musculoskeletal system for inflammation, including Saddle Fit analysis, are the most common uses for thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is also used to detect neurological, dental, and infectious disease as well. Sessions will also be presented on the use of thermal imaging in Small and Exotic Animals. On successful completion of this course participants will understand how to set up the thermal imager for veterinary use, proper patient positioning, and understand how to use thermal software to provide the best image for interpretation. Participants will also gain the knowledge of how to interpret the images using the patient as its own control and how to view the patterns of a thermograph to gain the most useful diagnostic information. A wet lab will be included on the final day of the course to afford each participant the opportunity for hands on clinical imaging with a thermal camera.

COST : $1,200.00

For questions or to register call Mr. Eric Flavin 845-222-4286 or 800-458-8890. Option 714

* This event is presented in part by an educational grant from Vetel Diagnostics.

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