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Full manual adjust? bdrogin 4/3/2012
Many of the new cameras provide only a level and span adjust. In the test methods I implement, I take many shots at different adjustments and then need to return at a later time and take new shots at the same upper/lower temperatures. Which new models provide full independent manual adjustment of the upper and lower temperatures?

I don't need a lecture on work-arounds using level and span. In my experience with the new cameras, span will only increase and decrease in two-degree increments, so I won't buy a new camera that takes full manual control over the temperature range away from me.

Personally, I see this as an instance of "ease of use" trumping professional use.
Re:Full manual adjust? Gary Orlove 4/3/2012
In my experience, the easiest and fastest way to obtain exact and reproducible temperature spans is to bring the images into the image analysis and report generating software that comes with all cameras these days.

You can specify upper and lower temperatures exactly to your needs. So any camera can be used depending on your other requirements of spatial resolution, sensitivity, and temperature measurement range.
Re:Full manual adjust? Bob Berry 4/3/2012
I agree with Gary. In fact if I really needed this , I would setup a template in reporter with fixed limits, and then create the necessary report.

But to answer your question, the P660 does this. So too does the T400, the old i60 did too. I'm not sure about all the models though.
Re:Full manual adjust? bdrogin 4/17/2012
Of course, when I am back in the office, I adjust the upper and lower temperatures as needed to show before and after shots, especially if the room temperature has shifted and shots which are identical wouldn't appear to be so as a result. By "later time" I mean 15 minutes to 90 minutes later, out in the field, not within report generating software.

I have a b60 and i60, will check out the other models you mention, Bob, thanks.

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