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Trouble with E60 update LFM???? 4/9/2012
Is anyone else having trouble with their E60 and other things after the last update? First thing, when updating the firmware it gave an error that the camera was not updated after updating. Then Flir tools froze up. Then it froze my whole computer up.
After checking the camera to see if the firmware was indeed updated which the numbers said it was. But now Im getting stuff like this, after taking a image and not being able to add a text comment,or after adding it the screen shows it saving the change but when opening that group again the text is gone.
And stuff like this too, NOT being able open the edit menu at all. Then after shutting the camera off and turning it on again, after 10 min. And finding all the settings and preferences changed.
Re:Trouble with E60 update Riley Cami 4/18/2012

Thank you so much for the post.

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