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Moisture detection in composite materials thermographer 4/10/2012
Is there any experience or instructional information on the subject of detecting moisture build up inside composite structures such as aircraft components. Is any one camera better then another for this type work?
Re:Moisture detection in composite materials Ralf Grispen 4/11/2012
Dear Thermographer,

Sure there is an application to detect water in composite materials. I have experience for the last 6 years now and I have inspected about 75 airplanes.

If you want more information you can contact me on or watch the website;
Re:Moisture detection in composite materials brokenboat 5/9/2012
Active Thermography as outlined in NDT Level II Course Work specializing in varying techniques of NDT available. Do large scale boats for ingress of water below the waterline involving Core Material degradation and delamination on a regular basis. Really need upper level camera for the job though otherwise all you really do is confirm its there but cant follow it through the laminate. They don't teach boats anywhere so you have to apply what you learn. Feel free to call 417-929-0005

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